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Karbala places you must see, iraq

After years of war ended many people and tourists started to come to Iraq. As Iraq holds the most ancient and heritage of many cultures. In the tourist world, Iraq 8 day tour and the Iraq 15 day tour  are the most common. As people tend to spend their time visiting old places , mosques and shrines.

City which is also known as a holy place for shia muslims, karbala  is located in Iraq  between 32°37′ N latitude and 44°02′ E longitude. This territory is situated from 107kn of southwest from city of Baghdad. Every year thousands and thousands people come to visit the old shrine of Imam Husain.

There are alot of ancient and historical events that happened in Karbala. But the one which is very famous and well known is the Battle that happened in 680. The sacred place “ Imam Husayn Shrine” is the one holding the religious and divine values among muslims. Other than this Karbala is divided into two main divisions considering old and new karbala. In karbla ccity you may find more than 100 mosques and religious schools. Climate and temperature is high as it is located in a dessert area.

Historical aspects of Karbala:

There are two school of thought about the name Karbala. One group of thought claim it to driven from aramic language, in which the word Karb or Qarb means God.  another school of thought claim it to be an Arabic language word which means soft earth. 

Culture and tradition of Karbala:

No doubt that karbala is one of the famous holy place, in which Al Abbas mosque, Hazrat Al Abbas Mosque and Hazrat Abbas Shrine and Imam Husayn Shrine. Other than this Karbala city mosques are filled with cultural asthetic designs , music and calligraphy. Where as Karbala football club is holds its popularity in itself. If we talk about its population than 95% population consist of muslims where as other 5% includes christians and other communities.

Talking about the famous food and dishes than local people tend to olive oil and pine nuts in cooking. And they prefer to use meat and non-vegetarian food items rather than vegetarian food items. Many famous dishes like Dolma, Kibbeh, kofta, pastirma, Sujuk, khichdi, Mujaddara, Quzi and Shawarma all are non-vegetarian foods that are very famous not only in Iraq but around the globe.

If you are wondering how to reach Karbala, Iraq:

We all know that Karbala is a holy place which consist of many mosques and is visited by many Muslims some visit to perform pilgrims and some prefer as a tourists. There government has offered frequent and productive transport facility for all those tourist.

Aknaf al sawary offers variant tours package which can be customized. Either you love to go in groups or private for Iraq 8 days tour or Iraq 15-day tours. We provide complete packages including visa arrangements, hotel bookings, transportation and holy sites visits.

Bookings also include meals and festivals.

Some of the top sites of Karbala include:

Imam Husain Shrine:

You can reach to Imam Husain Shrine from Baghdad city or from Najaf city. It is one of the oldest and mosque which holds a great value for muslims. Every year millions of people visit and pay their tribute in this historical place.

Al Abbas Mosque: 

This mosque is located near Imam Husain Mosque. It is one of the most famous and visited mosque in Karbala.

Hazrat Abbas Shrine:

This Shrine is located in the city of Karbala near Imam Hussein Shrine. Every year millions of Shia visits this place specifically in Muharram.



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