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Effective Projected Area and Static Load Test for Outdoor Luminaires

Outdoor luminaires play a vital role in providing illumination, safety, and aesthetics in outdoor spaces. Ensuring their durability and performance under various conditions is essential. Two crucial tests that outdoor luminaires undergo are the Effective Projected Area (EPA) test and the Static Load Test. Let’s explore these tests and their significance:

Effective Projected Area (EPA) Test:

The Effective projected area  (EPA) test assesses the wind load that an outdoor luminaire can withstand. It involves measuring the surface area of the luminaire that is exposed to the wind, as well as its orientation on a given installation site. The wind load can vary depending on factors like wind speed, direction, and the luminaire’s design. By calculating the EPA, manufacturers can determine the luminaire’s ability to resist wind-induced forces without tipping or falling.


  • Structural Integrity: The street lamps helps ensure that outdoor luminaires remain securely in place, even during strong wind conditions.
  • Safety: A luminaire that fails to withstand wind loads could pose safety risks to pedestrians, vehicles, and nearby structures.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Many jurisdictions have regulations specifying the minimum EPA requirements for outdoor luminaires to ensure public safety and prevent accidents.

Static Load Test:

The Static Load Test evaluates a luminaire’s ability to support additional weight, such as snow accumulation or debris, without damage. During the test, the luminaire is subjected to a specified static load, simulating conditions that might occur during heavy snowfall or the accumulation of leaves and debris.


  • Durability: The test assesses the luminaire’s structural strength and materials, ensuring it can withstand the weight of various environmental factors.
  • Longevity: A luminaire that can handle static loads is less likely to deteriorate prematurely due to the stress of external factors.
  • Performance: The test ensures that the luminaire’s optical and electrical components remain intact and operational under the additional load.


The decorative street lights (EPA) test and the Static Load Test are crucial evaluations to determine the resilience and performance of outdoor luminaires. These tests help manufacturers design luminaires that can withstand challenging weather conditions and other external factors, ultimately ensuring safety, longevity, and optimal functioning in outdoor environments.



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