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Why Should You Always Prime Your Vape Coils?

Vaping has advanced significantly from the days of crude e-cigarettes, giving way to cutting-edge disposable gadgets like the Elf Bar Pi9000 and Tugboat Super 12000. These technological wonders feature long-lasting batteries, enormous e-liquid contents, high nicotine levels, and delightful smoking experiences. Even with these improvements, priming your vape coils remains essential for all vapers.

Describe coil priming.

Let’s quickly go over what coil priming comprises before discussing its importance. Before utilizing your vape device, prime your vape coil by saturating the coil’s wicking material, typically cotton, with e-liquid. This procedure ensures the coil is prepared to vaporize e-liquid effectively, avoiding burnt flavors, dry hits, and early coil damage.

Let’s examine why priming your vape coils is always a good idea, especially when using equipment like the Elf Bar Pi9000 and Tugboat Super 12000.

Preserve the Lifetime of Your Coil

Your chosen e-liquid can thoroughly saturate the wick by priming your vape coil. This avoids the dreaded dry hits, which can harm the coil and reduce its lifespan. Failure to prime your coil could result in unpleasant grating hits that can grate on your throat. You may relish smooth, pleasurable puffs and avoid discomfort by giving your coil the proper amount of time to prime. You may thoroughly saturate your atomizer heads and protect your investment by getting the most out of your device by slowly introducing your coil to the liquid.

Bring Out the True Flavour

It would be best if you enjoyed every flavor profile of your preferred e-juice. Thanks to adequately primed coils, you can enjoy the rich, robust flavor of your preferred e-liquid, which enables optimal flavor creation. Why not enjoy all the flavors to their fullest extent?

Improve the Production of Vapour

If you prefer thicker or smaller clouds of vapor, priming your vape coil is crucial. This may involve opening your sub-ohm tank or pouring into the slit at the pod’s side, depending on the sort of vape kit you’re using. When the coil is adequately saturated, efficient vapor generation is enabled, guaranteeing you receive the desired dense clouds.

Leave Wasted E-Liquid Behind

Vaping can be a proper art form; no vaper should deal with the tragedy of wasting expensive e-liquid. By priming your coil, you minimize the possibility of e-liquid wastage and get the most out of every drop for your enjoyment. Priming has advantages beyond the physical side effects of vaping.

Improve battery performance

Your device will function at its highest degree of efficiency with a properly primed coil. As a result, your battery will last longer, enabling you to vape with assurance all day long without worrying about frequent recharges.

Boost Flavour

Savoring the plethora of e-liquid flavors is one of the pleasures of vaping. An adequately primed coil can significantly improve flavor output. Saturated wicking material effectively vaporizes e-liquid, producing more noticeable and pleasurable flavors. Priming ensures you get the complete flavor profile with each puff when using devices like the Tugboat Super 12000 and its 1.0ohm mesh coil.


The Elf Bar Pi9000 and Tugboat Super 12000 are the apex of comfort and happiness in the vaping world. However, it cannot be stressed how crucial priming your vape coils is, regardless of your selected device. You’ll have a smoother, more tasty, and problem-free vaping experience by spending a few extra minutes ensuring your coils are adequately saturated.

Therefore, make priming your coils a habit before taking that initial drag. You’ll appreciate it for your taste buds, wallet, and overall vaping experience. Have fun vaping!



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